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  • mtDNA

    Hi everyone. I tested a few years ago with family tree DNA and received these results: H1 16519C, 263G, 315.1C. I also received thousands of matches and I was totally confused by the results. From the reading I've done it seems that I belong to the most common subclade of the most common haplogroup.

    Anyway, I was wondering about the probability of the most recent common ancestor of a match and mine being 50% within the last 700 years. Am I right in thinking that it's most likely sometime within the last 14,000 years or more?

    Anyway, while I'm somewhat disappointed that the results don't seem all that meaningful, I'm just trying to make some sense out of it all. With the economy and everything I won't be able to upgrade to the FGS for some time and my genealogical search hit a massive brick wall (try searching for "Mattie, b:1825 in New York").


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    My God I hope you are wrong about upgraded testing not showing much as far as results are concerned and leaving someone confused as to what the hell happened after spending close to 339.00 total to get some kind of historical DNA satisfaction. Even a short story.


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      yes, you are right - you have the most common HVR in Europe. The reason being that you have the ancestral values - the same values as the original ancestor of clan H (indeed, of clan HV as a whole). As such, your HVR is both common and widespread in Europe, so you cannot really make any inference about ancestry more recent than the thousands of years you're saying.

      You may have other mutations outside of HVR, of course, and in general, a full FGS match could mean something more recent (in the hundreds of years rather than thousands - but still, nothing as close as the Y chromosome allows). However, there aren't very many people who have tested the full sequence, so you probably wouldn't find any matches yet if you were to do the FGS.

      Perhaps, in the future, as more people do FGS, the situation will change.



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        But, if everyone was discouraged from undertaking the FGS, the world would be completely out of answers.

        If you can afford it, I totally encourage it.

        You may not have a match this year, but in years to come, you could and then you would already have your data.


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          Thanks so much for answering! Just wanted to check with someone about what it all meant. And you're right nikkicivetti: It was disappointing. It is good just to know what the facts mean, though. It's still something I didn't know before.