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    A new face for security

    It's good to see IBM have used our dna information - for the good of humanity...
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      My paternal origins are from one of those relatively isolated towns; my grandfather's village is literally the last bus stop in the middle of the Appenine Mountains, about 1.5 hours east of Rome. A professor cousin of mine has published in Italy on the origins of the village and his conclusion was that the village was most likely settled in the 4th & 5th centuries as people fled from Rome into the mountains to escape the "barbarian" invasions. Coincidentally, I spoke with Bennet today about my y-results, and suggested that he contact Cavalli-Sforza about doing in-depth studies in the mountain towns east of Rome. He concurred with me on what I've remarked on in a number of Forum postings, that there is probably quite an influence from ancient Jewish settlement in these areas, from Jews who did not travel northward with others to found the Ashkenazic communities of Germany and Eastern Europe. So that's another confounding variable that might impede the isolation of a Roman modal. Not to mention how my father's maternal Hg X found its way there. One can't assume that isolated villages would necessarily be home to the descendants of the first Romans, although some of their descendants could still be there. But it's fun to think about, and thank you for raising the question.

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        In Italy so many times genepool changed before it get modern. Search of native haplotypes make difficult heterogeneity of possible roman genes. Many J2, E3b, R1b, G and they need in tests from ancient romans remains, I thought. But it's interesting idea.