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shared mtDNA mutations

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  • shared mtDNA mutations

    This is a question for anyone who would know the answer. I found an mtDNA report on the internet. Several Apache Indians have 6 of the same mtDNA mutations that I have. However, I have 2 extra mutations that they don’t have and they have one or two mutations that I don’t have. How closely related are we? Thanks.

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    Hi Happy,

    Sorry!!,..I'm not sure that there is a definite answer I can give you. Because MtDNA mutates much more slowly than Y-DNA, we can't really estimate time to common ancestor like you can with Y-DNA.

    You could be closely related or you could be distantly related. I think these things will be easier to figure out when the worlds mtDNA has been much more thoroughly sampled, & then we'll get a better idea of the frequency/distribution of rarer haplotypes & perhaps be able to estimate when these may have branched off from previous haplotypes.