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My dad is 85 with no matches with 12-67 markers!

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  • My dad is 85 with no matches with 12-67 markers!

    I am not sure if perhaps there were not enough in the kit to find any matches. Does anyone have any suggestions? I was hoping to find some matches due to his age. I have found matches for myself but not for him.

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    Some Suggestions

    First, Make sure your dad has his preferences set to compare his results across the entire FTDNA data base. FTDNA originally recommended that members only compare their results within their own surname group. By changing my preferences to be compared across the entire data base, I got a ton of matches including my first matches at the 25 marker level and then when the 37 marker level results came in, about 10 of the 25 marker matches held up at 37 markers as well. At 67 markers, all of my 37 marker matches who had also been tested to 67 markers held up as well.

    Over time, I now have 23 matches from 60/67 to 66/67. All of this is due to changing preferences as described above. Some surname groups are very selective (secretive) about their results as if genealogical research belonged to them alone so it may be beneficial to join other FTDNA surname and geographical groups as well. At least three of my 67 marker level matches were due to joining other groups both surname and geographical.

    You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Last but not least, if there is any question in your mind about whether he obtained good swabs to test, contact FTDNA to see if they will retest the existing samples or send you a new kit to obtain new samples.
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      I agree with wmccown about setting preferences to open database, joining a surname, geographical and haplogroup projects.
      Your dad might be like my brother, an uncle and some men in the projects that I co admin, with no matches, even though they have tested to 37 and 67 markers. FTDNA only have 170285 yDNA results, so really, not all lineages have been tested. I doubt if it has anything to do with a bad swab, as you have the full results
      Try searching on SMGF and DNA databases for extra matches, also upload your results to ysearch.


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        As far as I'm concerned, the default setting should be to match across the entire database, with options then to limit by surname or project.

        Timothy Peterman