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    I have examined several threads on the subject of Samaritans from a few years ago, but I cannot find the information I want there. I administer the results of my mother's brother. He is J2, of Ashkenazi origin, and the haplotype J2 project has placed him in J2* cluster 1b. His ancestral origins page records that he is one genetic point away from a 12 marker match with seven Samaritans and two genetic points away from a match with 10 Samaritans. ( In truth the two points from a 12 marker match column has since disappeared from my uncle's ancestral origins page, but I had previously printed it out).
    Where can I find 12 marker DYS haplotypes for a member of each haplogroup J Samaritan family? ( I would like to see J1 haplotypes also, since the author of an email to one of the threads noted that he, a J2, had matches with J1 Samaritans). I am additionally puzzled since I have found some 6 marker Samaritan haplotypes. My uncle is 4 genetic points from the 'Muslim Kurd' haplotype, and two genetic points even from one described as Samaritam M172 (DYS 390=23 against my uncle's 25). So I would be very pleased if I were able to check this out further.

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    The Shen and the Hammer articles on Samaritans contain the J2 and J1 haplotypes.
    As for the J2a* cluster, it probably comes from a different subclade than that of the Samaritans or Kurds even though the haplotypes are similar. I think one of the two Samaritan J2 families resembles the J2a4 pattern more than the J2a* pattern. The key is DYS 413>18. So far I have only found significant J2a* in the Caucasus as far as published research is concerned, but it probably came from a different J2a* cluster than 1b. The 1b J2a* cluster probably entered the Jewish population in the Black Sea area or in Israel since most of my matches are not European. The Black Sea area is possible because there were conversions to Judaism in that region.


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      Thank you for your public response, as well as your private reply. I shall respond further to you privately.