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Why can't they get a predicted Hg?

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  • Why can't they get a predicted Hg?

    I am new to this, so please excuse anything that I say that might be wrong...

    I got my results back on Fri and it said that I am a "Cohen match". Frankly, this is not really surprising (ahem, my name). However, what confused me is that my Hg could not be predicted. I just want to know why, considering that I conform exactly to the J1e Cohen DYS values? I thought maybe they would have done this many times before with Cohens and could extrapolate with a decent amount of confidence that I am J1e. I don't understand why I need a SNP Backbone (free of charge because of the SNP Assurance)... What data does this give me besides _confirmed_ Hg?


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    All of these tests are important or FTDNA wouldn't do them.


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      Hi Aron,

      My cousin is a CMH match as well and you show up on his match list.

      While the 12-marker CMH is in J1, there are some J2 people who match it on 11/12 markers. It would be very easy for a J2 person to have a mutation that causes them to match the 12-marker CMH, but that wouldn't change their haplogroup. So the prediction can be ambiguous between J1 and J2, and a SNP test is the only way to be certain that the correct haplogroup is assigned.

      Besides, it's a free test, don't knock it

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        Thanks for all the responses!

        I really do appreciate all the help.