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J1 mtDNA Haplogroup

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  • J1 mtDNA Haplogroup

    HVR1 Haplogroup

    HVR1 Mutations: 16069T 16126C 16145A 16325C

    HVR2 Mutations: 73G 150T 185A 228A 263G 295T 315.1C 462T 482C 489C 523- 524-

    I've done some Yahoo searches and Googling, but I haven't had much look researching this haplogroup. With a couple of meager exceptions, all of the articles I've seen on J1 and J2 have been the paternal haplogroups.

    Unfortunately, I don't have a single match at Mitosearch and only one low resolution match at FTDNA. I tried to put put all my mutations in at Mitosearch, but I couldn't put the mutations in for 523 and 524

    From what I understand, during the neolithic, J1 took the route around the coastal regions of the Mediterranean, while J2 went up the Danube.

    Does anyone have suggested links for me to learn more about these mutations or is the above all there is to know currently?