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    I was looking through the FtDNA page today and noticed a wide variety of new SNP's. So far I see that the L159.2 is strongly represented by the Leinster cluster. However, im very interested in finding out about the other SNP's and who the individuals are that tested positive for these SNPs' before I spend some hard earned money. Is there any information out there about these new SNP's?
    Thank you

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    Eunson, are you a member of the R-L21 project? If not, it may be a good thing to join as they also have a Yahoo discussion group.

    I find that I get excellent advice on what SNPs to test for, etc, from my equivalent R-U106 project and Yahoo group.

    Here is the link:


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      I have just been reading in the U106 group that M157, previously thought to belong to R1a has also been found by 23andMe in an R1b (specifically R-L48) guy, so this would be a new subclade.

      FTDNA has subsequently verified the presence of M157 in the same guy's DNA using their methods.

      Reportedly, in the DNA nomenclature the original M157 designation will be changed to M157.1 while this new SNP (found in the R1b guy) will be designated M157.2

      As an R-L48'er myself, I am standing by for advice from the U106 leadership on whether or not to test when and if M157.2 becomes available on the Advanced Orders menu.