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  • Missing GEDCOM

    This is probably a "helpless newbie" question, but I'm getting even more confused than usual.

    Last week or perhaps the week before, I uploaded a small GEDCOM file to the User Pages for my account and everything seemed to work fine. I uploaded the file from there to Y-Search. I have not looked at that GEDCOM page since - until this evening. The names and dates that had been listed there were gone - just the explanations of what a GEDCOM is and the Search and Upload buttons for Y & mt.

    So I searched for the file & opened it & clicked the upload button and all the names that were there before were back. (I don't see another button that I need to click to save the data.)

    I navigated to another page and then back and the data was no longer there. I uploaded it again, but have no confidence that it will be there if go the GEDCOM page right now.

    Is there a secret to this that I don't know?

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    I haven't uploaded a gedcom in a while, but if the process hasn't changed, then after you upload the file, you should get a list of names, and you need to click your own name to identify yourself in the file. The gedcom doesn't get saved to your account until you do that. I can't remember if anything else needs to be done, so read the instructions carefully just in case



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      Thanks so much. I'll try that.

      Success! Now I have a View button to click.
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