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  • marker match significance

    My DNA report reflects I have a 25/25 marker match with a man from Sweden. The FTDNA information indicates that with this match there is a 50%,90% and 95% probability of an MRCA within 3,10 and 13 generations. This sounds very encouraging until I find this same person listed as a 61/67 marker match. I don't know what the MRCA data is for a 61/67, but I see on the chart a 65/67 has to go to 6 generations for a 50% probability of an MRCA. Therefore what should be my guide, the 25/25 or the 61/67 ?

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    It would be better for us to first know what your haplotype is.

    What is your y-search ID number?

    What is your y-DNA haplogroup?


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      marker matches

      In response to your questions, my haplogroup is R1a1 and my Y search id is NWY4K. Thank you for any ideas you may have.


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        Are you speaking of AB2YH compared with you at y-search in your first post?

        I see that he is a GD of 9, so a 58/67 with you. If not, what is the ID of the one you speak of? Y-search and FTDNA do count the differences a little bit different between the two tools.

        Your guide should always be at more markers, so the 61/67 you mention would be of interest. It must not be the one I mention in y-search because there is not a 25/25 between the two of you. He is from Sweden as well though.

        61/67 could be within a genealogical time frame but probably is not.

        BTW, if you're considering the Deep Clade R for R1a1, DO NOT take it... it is not useful at this time for the R1a haplogroup.
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