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Order of SNPs tested in deep clade test

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  • Order of SNPs tested in deep clade test

    I ordered a deep clade test and already got some results which are L21- L48- M222-

    Dont know if L21 or M222 was the first one, but L48 was the third that got tested. I guess they tested M222 first, because with L21- M222 is impossible.
    But why are such detailted groups like M222 or L48 tested first? Wouldnt it make more sense to start with U106 or P312 to narrow the possible subgroups down?

    For me it doesnt matter of course, because i get my result in the end anyway, but i would like to know if there is a special reason for the order, if there is one.

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    If you want to know the real reason why not ask the company doing the testing? Lots of people can give you lots of reasons but the company can give you the real reason.


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      The testing is done based on calculations that attempt to predict what your terminal SNP will be. Sometimes it is right and sometimes it is wrong. If the the SNP predicted is incorrect, then the lab will order up a new set of SNPs and so on. There is no standard order the SNPs are tested in, as it will vary from person to person.

      -Darren Marin
      Family Tree DNA


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        Thank you Darren, i thought about sth. like that.


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          I had recently done the same deep-clade test (with ftdna) I also have L48- L21- but they never tested for M222 (first). I presume (based also on what Darren writes) is that the initial estimate of the subclade based on haplotype will determine which markers are tested first and which ones not. In the end I had to wait to the very final ones to get the haplogroup confirmed, and a lot of delays from original predicted data. So be patient!


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            Actually, AFIK, it has to do with the fact that L-21 is recent compared to M222.

            I tested M222- a long time ago. Then U152 came along and I incorrectly tested U152+. So I never tested L-21 with FTDNA (ie, if you are positive in one of these two, you are negative in the other)

            There is a lot of discussion about when L-21 came on the scene in