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New mtDNA Haplogroup U8 Project

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  • New mtDNA Haplogroup U8 Project

    Hi all,

    I have today been appointed the administrator of the new mtDNA Haplogroup U8 Project at FTDNA. There were several reasons to create this project. One, the haplogroup certainly deserves to have its own project,. Two, U8 is the "parent" of my haplogroup K. Three, boundary issues between U8 and K have surfaced; so I wanted to study the issues from both sides.

    At present FTDNA only assigns the designation U8 to those with FGS results. However, there appear to be many others hiding in the U or U* groups which may be identified from HVR results. U8a usually has 16146G and 16342C in HVR1 and 282C in HVR2. U8b usually has 16189C and 16342C, and often 16324C in HVR1, and 195C in HVR2. (With those mutations and 16224C and 16311C, you are almost certainly a K and should join that project of mine,)

    If you have a mutation list close to one of those above, feel free to ask me. Either send me a mutation list - off list - or give me your MitoSearch ID.

    Those eligible are invited to join the U8 Project by clicking the Join Projects tab on their FTDNA personal page. Let me know if you have problems with this procedure.

    Right now we have only two members, which is not bad considering that only six people knew about it. Our website is at


    Bill Hurst