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Wright R-P312* from Northern Ireland

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  • Wright R-P312* from Northern Ireland

    Hi Everyone,

    As some of you may know on here my maternal grandmother was from Northern Ireland and a while back we had my great uncle tested to find out what haplogroup this branch of my family belonged to. Well after all the SNP testing has been completed it appears to be haplogroup R1b1b2a1b*. I would like to find out from where this line came from before they were in Northern Ireland. My gut is telling me England but I am not 100% sure. I know that there are also Wrights in Scotland and many of the people who settled in Northern Ireland originally came from the lowlands of Scotland. Our Wrights have been in Ireland for a long time. Probably since the Plantation of Ulster. We are not exactly sure of the original religion of them either because it seems to have a few times that we know of. My great grandfather was a Methodist but he was raised Methodist by his maternal grandparents with whom he lived when he was young.He is burried in an Anglican cemetery though.

    My one great aunt told my aunt before that they had relatives in England and we think that they may have been Wrights but we are not totally sure. Apparently they lived at Ringwood Road in Bournemouth.

    Now my great uncle had 37 markers done at FTDNA and I have been thinking about having his sample upgraded to 67 since all the SNP testing is completed. His closest 37 marker matches both have a gd of 4 from him so they are not incredibly close. One is with a man surnamed Wright and another is with a man surnamed Thompson. Both could be of either English or Scottish origin. If I could get a trail down back to England or less likely Scotland then I can start to research the more ancient origin of this line I think. My uncle's Yseach id is RGNT8.

    So what do you guys on here think? England or Scotland?