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  • Batch 308 Results?

    Not sure if this is the correct venue for this question, but the others don't appear to apply. My Batch 308 results MtDNA were due July 8th. Is it unusual for them to be late? Anyone else awaiting 308 results?


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    You can always check the Batch Calendar forum to see if there are any threads for your batch:

    Not everyone in the same batch gets results at the exact same time, though. They are batches of orders, not batches of tests being run together at the lab. The orders get dispersed to two different labs, depending on the type of test, then each lab does whatever sorting and scheduling is necessary for that week's orders.

    The due date is an estimate. Some results come in really early, some right on time, and then some unfortunately come in past the estimated date. Give it a week or so after the estimated due date, and if you don't have your results by then, you can email FTDNA and ask for a status.

    Also, check your MyFTDNA account to see if there are any status messages, or even if any partial results are in. FTDNA will send you an email notification once the entire test is complete, but sometimes you can see partial results in your account before then (probably more common for Y-DNA markers and deep-clade tests than mtDNA tests).



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      We had to be re-tested as the they ran out of DNA. (another family member)
      They are busy this time of year with vacations and all.