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What does this really say in layman terms?

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  • What does this really say in layman terms?

    Ok, now the results are in. What does this mean? Should I spend several hundred dollars to have it explained to me in the report that is offered for purchase through FTDNA?

    Haplogroup - U*
    HVR1 162029c, 16342C
    HVR2 73G, 263G, 282C, 309.1C, 315.1C

    mtDNA Haplogroup Origins U* for Enland, Germany, Norway, Scotland, Sweden, UK, but Finland is U8.

    I got 12 matches on the HVR1 and only 1 match for HVR2 which is a male.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. And, yes, I did upload my GEDCOM file...


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    Spread throughout the continent, U is the second most common haplogroup in Europe (after H). U has several branches. Your 282 (and your 16242) is found in subgroup U8a, so I'd say you belong to this branch. (FTDNA does not specifically test for U8 in their basic HVR test) I'm not an expert on this, so I don't know how much more one can say. As far as I know, U8 is present throughout Europe and doesn't have any specific association with a country.

    Doing the FGS (full genome sequence) would help placing you in the mtdna tree. However, it wouldn't help you find additional matches relative to those you have already.



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      That's more than I knew before. Thanks


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        If I recall (Saami & Berber paper), haplogroup K is a branch of U8.


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          In general you could say:

          the people you match in HVR1 are far more recent related to you than the ones from the "haplogroup matches" page. One is roughly 7.000 years or less and the others is like 55.000 years or less in your case.

          and the HRV1+2 match is possibly 1.000 years or less.