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  • The Russian Journal of Genetic Genealogy

    Hello everybody!

    I am glad to announce about the next step in development of the Russian community of genetic genealogy - we have created and have registeredjournal:

    The Russian Journal of Genetic Genealogy
    ISSN: 1920-2989
    - The Russian Journal of Genetic Genealogy - The Russian Journal of Genetic Genealogy (Russian Edition)

    The Russian Journal of Genetic Genealogy (RJGG) offers research andtheories, proof and disproofs, examples and techniques to readers. Itis dedicated to disseminating research-based and practical information,with examples, the use of the possibilities of genetics in genealogy togeneral public. The RJGG will acquaint readers with scientists andtheir activity, with amateurs and their development and projects.

    We invite you (authors) to submit an article for consideration in The Russian Journal of Genetic Genealogy, a web-based (and print version) publication of the Community of Genetic Genealogists. The journal will be published few times annually by 100-150 pages.
    We invite you to join Author's group (which is free).

    We are glad to all authors writing on general Genetis Genealogy themes, but especially to those of them, whose operating time concern thepeople of Russia. We look forward to hearing from you. Please feel freeto email us if you would like to discuss your proposed contribution.

    For more information about The Russian Journal of Genetic Genealogy (RJGG), contact:
    Michael Temosh, Editor-in-Chief
    Denis Grigoriev, Technical Editor
    Roman Sychev, Design Editor
    - this is our discussion board.

    There some papers in journal already:

    - Balanovsky O. - European prehistory in mirror of genetics: a contemporary view
    - Mertens G. , Goossens H. - Geographic distribution and molecular evolution of ancestral Y chromosome haplotypes in the Low Countries
    - Grigoriev D. - Whit Athey, developer of Y-haplogroup predictor

    - Malyarchuk B. - Следы балтийских славян в генофонде русского населения Восточной Европы (Traces of the Baltic Slavs in a genofund of Russian population of the East Europe)
    - Malyarchuk B. - [URL=""]

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    Congratulations on the launch of this journal.



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      Re rjgg

      This journal will sure fill a heretofore big gap! My congrats also.


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          Thank you all!

          Also, I recommend visit VOGiS thread at the fourm.


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            By the way! Averybody can use google-translate to read russian articles in the Journal, i.e.


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              Hmmm I can't seem to access any of the articles on the sight. This may bebecause of the computer I am using here at work though

              Can any of you tell me anything about the higher than expected frequencies of haplogroup J2 in some of the northern regions of Russia? I recall this from before on the other DNA Forums site. I did not expect J2 to be as high as it is from some samples taken from areas in northern Russia.


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                Russian Journal of genetic genealogy

                I just saw some articles in the Russian Journal of genetic genealogy.
                But I regret that I cannot read so much Russian. Does exist there complete translations of the published articles, for example about the Irish haplogroup
                R 1b? In advance many thanks.