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  • 37 Marker Table

    Hi everyone
    I just started the Locke / Lock project. After visiting so many of your web sites, reading and following just how well the results are going. Because you inspired me, I decided it was time us Locke's joined in on the project too.

    While visiting many of your web sites, I saw that some of you appeared to be having problems creating a 37 marker table. Many only had a 25 marker table and added a 2nd table to continue with the added markers 25-37

    Well I have been building web pages since 1997 and I have played with tables since then. It took a few minutes of playing around and I finally got a working 37 marker table, so that you can show all 37 markers in 1 table.

    I use Front Page and if it is like other web page builders, there is a restriction on how many cells you can have with in a table. I got by that restriction.
    I told it to make a 1 row, 1 cell table. I then told it to split the cell 39 times.
    I then had a 1 row table with 39 cells. I then told it to add 25 rows. Ta Da, a 25 row table with 39 cells. Unneeded rows can be deleted or added as needed.

    DNA project and here I am splitting cells lol.

    You can use my table as is, or edit as needed, and or build your own by following my direction. I thought some of you may wish to use it. "free"
    If you don't understand tables, and mine isn't what you wish to use, just email me on your idea, and I can try to build what you would like to use on your web site.

    Donald Locke