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Question on Haplogroups and y-dna matches

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  • Question on Haplogroups and y-dna matches

    I apologize if this is a stupid question, but some of this DNA stuff is confusing.

    1. I understand haplogroups - did the deep subclade and came up with R-U152

    2. I understand (to some extent) Y-dna markers - did the 67 test.

    3. I also understand that Y-dna markers indicate a person's haplogroup, additional testing often required for fine tuning.

    My question is - if I'm matching people in the 67 GD 6 and GD 7 area, should our haplogroups be the same? Especially if we have the same null marker in one of the values?

    thank you

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    The short answer to your question is that, yes, if you have a GD of 6 or 7 with matches at the 67 marker level, they should have the same haplogroup as you. The null value for a marker probably adds a bit to the likelihood.

    Only a few cases people have come up where a GD that small exists and the two men are in different haplogroups or seem to be. Of course, you can always be sure that the two men are in the same haplogorup if both have been SNP-tested and their results for that test match.


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      thanks for the info.