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    an aside

    My maternal line U5 or U5b2 or HVR1+HVR2 matches have me wondering still. When I look at Mitosearch and scroll down to the zero differences section, I can conceive of three of them connecting to mine. One is in Tennessee; one doesn't say, but the surname arouses my suspicion (early name in NC); and the third has always piqued my curiosity. I tried once to email that one, but never got an answer. Anyway, that one has a Tuscarora ancestress mentioned in briefest of terms. The Tuscarora began their northward migration around 1713. They would seem to have gone thru territory being pioneered by possible ancestors of mine, who had a few daughters, not all of whom are accounted for beyond being born. Hmm...


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      I have a 23andme relative finder match, predicted to be a fifth cousin, from Finland.