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The Genealogy-DNA-L list at is still down

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  • The Genealogy-DNA-L list at is still down

    The Genealogy-DNA-L list has been down for over a week. It was very unfortunate that it went down right after the close of the 1st International Genetic Genealogy Conference held by in Houston TX. It would have been great to discuss the conference while the experience was still fresh in our minds. It was an outstanding conference.

    I have no idea when the List will be back online. The latest information on the status of the List can be found at the Help Desk. Here is a link:

    While the Genealogy-DNA-L list is down (and in normal times too) all Listers should consider using this forum to communicate about Genetic Genealogy. Who knows, if the List stays down for a very long time, this forum could become our new home. :-)

    Charles Kerchner
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    they are up now