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PDF Digest from the DNA Tribes website about populations in Asia.

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  • PDF Digest from the DNA Tribes website about populations in Asia.

    Dated April 30th.

    DNATribes discontinued their operation in 2019. Now it is part of However, we managed to restore some of their most valuable content. We hope you'll enjoy it. Their service was excellent, however, if you are interested in current DNA testing companies check our best DNA tests article or 23…

    The Japanese Region has 7.7% American Indian autosomal dna.

    The Atayal of Taiwan have 18.8% "other Amerindian" autosomal dna (not counting Artic dna, which is at 18.4%).
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    What? No comments? No discussion?

    I will state the obvious and say I think it is fascinating. It is fascinating that there is so much American Indian autosomal dna in Asia/the Pacific Rim.

    DNA Tribes is like the autosomal version of the Genographic Project.

    I have read all the digests from DNA Tribes and think they are all fascinating (some more than others).

    What it looks like to me is that the indigenous peoples of the Americas were also mariners. How did they get across to all those areas way out in the water? So very far away from the Bering land bridge? They travelled back and forth from the Americas and Asia. I think that the East Asian genes found in some American Indians (from the old DNA Print AncestryByDna 2.5 tests) aren't just a stand-in for more American Indian genes, but are actually East Asian genes, picked up by their ancestors that travelled to and from the Americas and Asia. And I think that the American Indian genes found in Asians (from the DNA Print 2.5 test) are for real and proof that there was contact between the two groups after the split.

    I think it is fascinating and excellent.
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