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DYS490 Split for SRY2627

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  • DYS490 Split for SRY2627

    I haven't seen much data lately over the DYS490 split for SRY2627. I am also a little confused as one time the DYS490=12 was allegedly older and now I'm understanding that DYS490=10 is the older variant. I'm curious if this could help identify a geographical distinction between the two variants where both are most commonly found.

    I would suspect the older variants would be found somewhere closest to the regions of Hungary while newer variants would be found further to the west. Maybe this could be misleading in a way. I don't recall seeing any M-153 around Central Europe (or at least very much) and seeing as how that M-167 is downstream of M-153 (Basques) and its extremely high occurrence in the Central to Eastern Pyrenees would make it appear to be older in this region and younger going northwards towards Central Europe.

    Going with the data on the high frequency in Catalonia I would suspect the oldest variants DYS490=10 to be found from this region and immediately around Catalonia and eastern Iberia.

    It would be interesting to see if the split is due to isolation between the regions to the north and south of the Pyrenees, e.g., does DYS490=10 occur more often in Spain/Baleares, Sicily and North Africa, Canary Islands than it does in France, Britain, Germany, Switzerland and Hungary?