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  • Which to choose?

    I am very interested in getting the DNA test done and am a little overwhelmed by the amount of information and the number of tests to choose from.
    I am a female and was wondering which test to purchase.

    Thank you for your time!

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    What are you interested in finding out?

    Your female line? Your surname (which would require a related male to take a test)? Your ethnic mix?



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      I'm more interested in finding out ethnic background than anything else. Surname is a little pointless since my family has had a few skeletons in the closet, but then again what family doesn't.
      I have a few hunches about what lies in those genes so I just wanted to confirm those gutt feelings, and also my mother has always been intrigued about certain features she has that don't quite fit the mix. It might also help my father in his search for his biological father.
      Does the test give you two genetic paths (one for father one for mother) or just one?
      Genetics have always fascinated me, if I'd been better at math in college I would have definitely attempted that path


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        On your father's quest to find the biological father, in case you don't have brothers - which would carry the same Y-DNA as his - I would strongly suggest that you get him tested on the Y-DNA. This way, if there's is no match now on a high number of markers, which could indicate the biological male line, at least you will have it in the database so that eventually a match will come up in the future, when the database grows.
        Max Blankfeld
        Vice-President and COO @ Family Tree DNA
        A Gene by Gene Company


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          Max has made a good suggestion about your father.

          Reading between the lines of your post you seem more interested in the ethnic mix on your mother's side. There is a test available which suggests the ethnic mix of the person tested, FTDNA used to offer this but it is now only offered by other companies. To answer your question - this test gives no indication of genetic path. If your mother's side is most important to you then she should take the test. If you take the test then your mother's ethnic mix will be 'diluted' by your father's dna. If money is no object then both your mother and father could take the test and you would have a picture of your mix from both sides.

          Implicit in what Max wrote, DNA testing for genealogy purposes is in its infancy and those who have been tested but not matched anybody (myself included) can expect to make matches in the future as more people are tested.


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