I have results for my Petermann family, as well as results (thanks to a first cousin once removed) for my Hall family.

My great grandfather, Josef Petermann (1862-1953) is known to have been Swiss. He was born in Root, canton Luzern, Switzerland & immigrated to America when he was about 18. I have traced his ancestry back to the mid-1700s. An overwhelmingly large portion of the population of Root has the Petermann surname. So, of course, I wasn't surprised when my results were U152+, then L2+, & finally L20* I consider this to indicate the likely Helvetii or La Tene Celt ancestry that no doubt lies in the family's past.

Josef Petermann's son, Joe Jr., married Clara Hall (my grandmother). The Halls were supposedly English. I say "supposedly" because I have never actually traced the lineage back into England. My dad's first cousin took the y-DNA test & he had a number of ultra high res matches to Halls descended from William Hall & Hannah (Richardson) Hall, founders of Halltown in what is now Jefferson Co., WV. This was nice to know, since I have traced my Hall family back to a William James Hall, who married Elmina Easton in 1825 in Jefferson Co., WV... Then, I upgraded my dad's cousins results. I was somewhat surprised to see that he is U152+ & then was surprised again to see that he is L2+.

I was wondering when the Petermann & Hall SNPs would begin to pull away from each other, especially since one is confirmed Swiss & the other is supposedly English. I figured that, since the Belgii & Helvetii were supposedly more closely related than other Celtic tribes & the Belgii had a known foothold in southern England, maybe this explained the similarity between Petermann & Hall haplogroups.

Finally, the results came in for L20 for the Hall family & they are negative. It looks like I have finally found the split. The Petermann family of Switzerland is L20+ & the Hall family of England is L20-.

My question to the readers of this forum (especially Stevo & David Faux): Has anyone else detected a similar geographical split between L20+ & L20-?

Timothy Peterman