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End of "J1 is Semitic" or "J1 is Jewish"

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  • End of "J1 is Semitic" or "J1 is Jewish"

    "...Furthermore, J1 STR motifs previously used to trace Arab or Jewish ancestries were shown unsuitable as diagnostic markers for ethnicity."

    "...No major J1 sublineage was defined by genotyped SNPs... confirming the need for future research efforts in this direction."

    Academic paper, "J1-M267 Y Lineage Marks Climate-Driven Pre-historical Human Displacements," by Sergio Tofanelli et al.

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    Jim, I have always been uncomfortable with calling J1 'Semitic'. Not only because of your major contributions but also because the line began somewhere between the Zagros Mountains and eastern Turkey.

    On the other hand, it would be nice to see the data upon which the conclusions are based. As Vinnie and others have noted there was a relative absence of Jewish, Levantine and Arab subjects in the study. Needed are direct comparisons at the specific subclade and haplotype levels. I wouldn't expect absolute 100% differences because of the continuous migration in the area since J1 has been in existence. I don't dispute the conclusions at broader levels.
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