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Take a look at our project and give me your thoughts.

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  • Take a look at our project and give me your thoughts.


    I have talked to GhostX in the past about my Ancestral possibilities and since that discussion we have added several Willis members to both the FTDNA and Projects. After becoming fed up trying to track all of the people in both projects I decided to create a spreadsheet and do it myself.

    This allows me to copy/paste and move samples around as I see fit. As the Admin of the Ancestry project it also makes tracking people a whole lot easier.

    I had spoken earlier about thinking that I descend from a Britton Willis 1758 NC because I match a descendant of his on 66/67 markers. Britton also had a grandson named William who would have been in Iowa about the time my G G Grandfather would have been born there(1835-1837).

    I also match a descendant of William Willis 1720 Virginia on 65/67 markers with one of the variations occurring on marker 442. The descendant of William has a value of 14 whereas I am a 13 on that marker.

    Recently we added another descendant of William Willis 1720 who tested with and he has a 442 value of 13 just like me and everyone else in the project.

    This leads me to believe that the first descendant of William's 442 is a mutation and I will match the second William Willis 1720 sample 66/67 markers. We have now ordered the kit and are converting this second sample to a 37 marker test at FTDNA.

    Compounding all of this confusion is the fact that my William Willis 1835/37 Iowa listed his parents as being born in Virginia AND there is a James Willis in Crawford County Illinois in 1830 born 1770ish which is where my William ended up settling down in 1865.

    I have uploaded a copy of the spreadsheet in Microsoft Works format so anyone who is interested can check it out. I hope listing the link here is ok.

    We currently have more tests incoming. The sample 136256 for Henry S Willis is expanding to 37 markers and the 30700 Peter Willis 1764 NC sample is testing to 67.

    Anyhow let me know your thoughts and if anyone has any recommendations on starting to link this mess together I would be happy to hear them. I am by no means a professions genealogist but I am quickly figuring some things out.
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    I couldnt access the website, so cant help with your query.

    Have you considered using to show all your results from FTDNA and Ancestry.

    I Co Admin the Whalen project at FTDNA and Ancestry,and we use wfn as our main resluts website.


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      I couldn't view it in the ".xlr" format but I could view it once I changed it to ".xls"

      Interesting results.

      I gather more is being discovered on your Willis line.

      Good luck in your searches.