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    Hoping I'm in the correct Forum for my interest in the Hapgp I. It's quirks & potentialities have aroused a powerful new field of research. Just what I need something to learn about that, I have had an all consuming History bug. I have collated a lot of historical research over a lot of years and have often thought the burgeoning explosion of DNA knowledge must be an impressive adjunct to traditional Historical Search/Study. Thoroughly enjoying catch up on terminology and learning the twisting turnin g road that is genetic research. Strangely replicating humanities physical twisting and turning lives and giving even more concrete base to everybodys question, at some time in there life, often at a young age. '"How come I'm here". I am going to get my dear wife to do the Mitochron tests as her mum is from Ireland where a concentration, be it small, of Isles C YI2a is. Will provide a check in one family which mixtures of decidedly similar?? area of Y & X chromosome come from of more recent times, genetically anyway.

    Hoping & Happy to converse with others on the "Hapgrp I"' search or Ireland deep ancestry hunters