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  • Hair Samples?

    I have a small question. I know most tests are done through swabs of the cheek, but are there any out there done by hair samples? I know hair samples are supposedly used through forensics, but don't know how possible that really is.

    The reason I have this question is because I have a locket of hair in my family from my grandaunt, who died about 75 years ago, and getting that mtDNA tested could turn out to be interesting.

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    A recent study found mtDNA well preserved within the keratin sheath of the hair. You might inquire of FTDNA if test hair. They have done other DNA recovery projects.


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      DNA testing on ashes

      Can ashes be tested for DNA?


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        The Japanese did some work on retrieving DNA from the bodies of persons consumed in fires (their interest was forensic, in identifying victims). They found that some of the larger bones or bone fragments could conserve DNA. It is highly unlikely cremated remains would contain any large bones or fragments. So, the answer is 'no' DNA cannot be retrieved from 'ashes'.


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          DNA from envelopes & stamps

          DNA testing can be done from testing any old envelopes and stamps sent to you from relatives. They can test the glue area for saliva. I had asked DNAPrint if they can test from envelopes and they said yes, and that the cost was $100 on top of the regular testing fee. But now DNA Print closed up shop.
          I have envelopes from my paternal & maternal grandmothers.
          I had wanted an admixture test done on my paternal grandmothers dna, but I was putting it off because I couldn't afford it (still can't).
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            Some news on DNA extraction from bone. Also, if you poke around this site there is a recent article on Romanov DNA.