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  • Found it! Thanks

    Originally posted by MMaddi View Post
    Go to and click on the appropriate box.


    • Try Me

      If anyone following this thread has 23andMe results and a reason to believe they might relate to either of the ancestries in my signature, please drop me a line at 23andMe. Same nickname.


      • I just found the traits section of my 23andme.

        I have AA for norovirus.
        "Resistant to infection by the most common strain of norovirus.
        Norovirus resistance is highly heritable. If you have two copies of the A version of this SNP, you lack a functioning FUT2 gene and are most likely resistant to the virus. Genetic changes other than the SNP 23andMe reports may allow people to be resistant even if they do not have the AA genotype." That surprises me. But in the other section it says I have a higher risk of stomach cancer, and restless legs syndrome.

        Likely sprinter. CC. Two working copies of alpha-actinin-3 in fast-twitch muscle fiber. Many world-class sprinters and some endurance athletes have this genotype.
        Likely blue eyes. GG In Europeans, 72% chance of blue eyes; 27% chance of green eyes; 1% chance of brown eyes.
        wet ear wax, can taste bitter, does not flush (?!?)(I am somewhat florid all the time, blush very easily), and likely tolerant (for lactose)

        increased sensitivity to Warfarin.

        Carrier Staus Variant Present for two categories:
        hemochromotosis carrier. Carrier for the mild HH-associated H63D mutation; no increased risk for iron overload.

        Most likely does not have Tay-Sachs. Will have false positive result for Tay-Sachs blood test that measures hexosaminidase A activity.

        elevated risk for:
        Chron's disease 2.9%
        Venous Thromboembolism 28%
        Psoriasis 20%
        Age-related macular degeneration 9.5%
        Type 2 diabetes 23%
        Atrial fibrillation 20%
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        • So maybe my restless leg syndrome and sprinter ability will help save me from venous thromboembolism.


          • You can't go by that.
            Some bad genes never get turned on by the body.
            Snake Oil, want to buy a gallon?


            • This gets a little old.
              If I wanted to test with another place, I would go there.
              Getting a little tired of the crude advertisments.
              I could also go to the Indian site and be a Indian chief.