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  • Help Hair Shafts and DNA tests

    Is it possible to obtain sufficient DNA information for a sibling test (of MTdna) if the hair has no roots?

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    I am surprised you have not had replies so far!

    I am no expert but I have read that one needs the root of the hair to do a DNA test.

    I also undestand that FTDNA is not set up to use sources other than a mouth swab.

    More important, I am intrigued by your description of the test - "sibling test". The mtDNA test could disprove that two people do not share the same mother but cannot prove that two people are siblings. People who share the same mtDNA could be siblings, cousins, mother and child or grandchild or could just match by random chance.

    If you have the hair of a person and wish to prove or disprove that they are the sibling of someone else then you are looking at the wrong DNA methodology. Maybe someone else can point you to a more suitable company.




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      that test costs more alot more then ftdna