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Name Your mtDNA Matriarch -- a proposal

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  • Name Your mtDNA Matriarch -- a proposal

    If you have your mtDNA test results and you have no matches with anyone else, I propose that you name your matriarch (the progenitor of your mtDNA motif). This follows the lead by Bryan Sykes and Bonnie Schrack (and others?) for naming mtDNA groups. I believe this is a fitting allowance given that you are the first in the world to reveal the motif of your direct maternal

    Your mtDNA cousins from now on may choose to use the name you gave her since it is more personal (than something like HVR1 16311C, 16519C HVR2 263G, 309.1C, 315.1C,523-,524-).

    If you have no matches on HVR1, then you may create a name for that matriarch. If you have no matches at HVR1 and HVR2 then you may record another name for that other matriarch. If you are in contact with others you match exactly, your group should agree on a name. Her name should be recorded on the mtDNA Log or any where else you record her motif (this forum, [email protected], ‘s forum, and others?)

    My relative has named her H2a1 matriarch "Caspiana" (in honor of Prince Caspian in the The Chronicles of Narnia) since Loogvali and others found the H2a subclade to be most concentrated east of the Caspian Sea.

    Most sincerely, Peter

    Peter J. Roberts
    The Bahamas DNA Project

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    What a great idea! How would I go about doing this? Also, forgive my ignorance, but what Mtdna log do you mean?


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      Name your mtDNA Matriarch

      The mtDNA Log is at:

      You may name your matriarch in the Comments section. Each time you write your mtDNA motif (for example HRV1 16192T, 16256T, 16270T, 16291T, 16399G) in any forum such as this one, the forum at, or, or [email protected], you should also include the name you have given to her.

      Sincerely, Peter