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Rare R1b results: 11 at DYS392 and 13 at DYS19A

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    Originally posted by Deirwha
    and the advice is free, I have concluded one should go for everything one can afford. I have done it incrementally and ended up doing it all anyway. What I learn each time is a little bit more but never enough.
    I couldn't agree more. People should get the 67-marker test if they can afford it, and then start adding other tests like a SNP test (as Suginami is recommending), and perhaps a mtDNA test if it interests you. If I were to recommend an order for the testing, it would be:

    1) 67-marker STR test (or upgrade to 67 markers)
    2) SNP (deep-clade) test
    3) mtDNA FGS test and/or 23andMe test (depending on your interests).

    I would also consider adding the 9 additional markers that SMGF uses (FTDNA offers these a-la-carte), just to make comparisons with their database more meaningful--especially if you have any matches in their database.


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      I joined the T Project and added FGS because there may shortly be breakthroughs on T affecting me personally very much. As soon as I can afford it I am going for the autosomal. I have a hunch in the back of my mind there are a number of matches out their that are held "private" that have been a part of the difficulty piecing together my private little puzzle. But I am also persuaded that T needs the re-look that David Pike is taking with it.