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    I got my mt markers
    263-G 309.1-C 315.1-C 16129.-A 16188.1-C 16189-C 16193.1-C 16291-T 16519-C
    Now the Question what does it mean? Still learning. Geronimo

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    HVR2 is the standard for H, more or less everybody has the insertions 309 and 315. 16519 is also very common. 16189 is a relatively common mutation in many haplogroups, though perhaps not particularly in H. The 16188.1C is not a standard way of writing the thing. Often people use 16193.2 C. When 16189 is C, there is a string of C's between 16184 and 16193, so it becomes a little arbitrary to say where they fall in the stretch. In any case, I don't think FTDNA checks for possible C insertions, so if you are using mitosearch, you could also try dropping the two insertions (16188 and 16193) when looking for matches. Similarly, you may also use the other notation of 16193.2 C instead of 16188.1C. The 16129 and 16291 could be informative, though I am not an expert of H and wouldn't know how.