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Unusual markers? U5b

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  • Unusual markers? U5b


    My results are:

    HRVI: 16189C, 16270T, 16465T
    HRV2: 73G,150T,152C,263G,315.1C,522-,523-

    The above resulted in U5b, however my FGS test reveals a U5b1 "Saami motif".

    I thought the Saami motif includes 16144, which I don't have in the HVRI.

    If 16465T is a private mutation, would that be in another sub-group or simply a quirk for now, until more take the test.

    Thanks and regards,


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    speculating about U5b

    I've been "diagnosed" with U5b2. So I'm always interested in threads about the U5b sub-haplogroup. U5b1b is about 9,000 years old (according to one source I read), and first appeared in the Iberian peninsula (Spain). And we've all heard about the Saami and the Berbers. So it would seem that U5b1b without the "144" could be found anywhere between North Africa and Finland, where traces of U5b1b still remain. Maybe a look at the maternal family history could point the way to a geographical source for someone looking for a maternal origin.


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      This is where the waters get murky. I can trace my maternal line to 1375 and know where their ancestors are from, but they aren't from the north. Some posters on another forum have given excellent information and a possible theory, that it could be local and specific to one area in the Crimea.

      However, I'd really like to know what the Saami motif really means as I don't think it applies to me in this case.

      Best regards,



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        Direct maternal line? To 1375?


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          what exactly is Saami Motif?

          I assume that what is meant by Saami Motif is the same as U5b1b, unless it's limited to 16144. It seems like the various U5bs appeared in Spain around 9,000 years ago or so. I notice that there are also a few U5b1s in Italy. So it looks like U5b1 split up and went off in different directions; to North Africa, Finland and Italy. It also looks like my U5b2 split up, with one buch going over to Sardinia. Sure is confusing!


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            Me Too

            Guess we're in a similar boat. I am also U5b, although recently designated as U5 because my full sequence has not been done. I have seen the 465 mutation in quite a few U5b's. From what I have noticed it seems to be associated with North Eastern Europe. I have that mutation, and also 129. I have not yet seen those 2 mutations together in any U5 in the nearly 2 years since joining the Genographic Project. To top it off, I have no conclusive evidence of where my maternal side hailed from, other than my mother thought they were Irish. Tracing the maternal line beyond 1799 has been a challenge. I do have a number of HVR2 matches, including yours.

            U5b, R1a1
            HVR1: 129A, 189C, 270T, 465T, 519C
            HVR2: 73G, 150T, 152C, 263G, 315.1C, 522-, 523-


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              mine is somewhat weird

              My U5b2 sits off to one side from most of the rest of U5b2 shown on Ian Logan's website. Mine belongs to a Sardinian branch with very few samples.

              I speculate that most U5b2 migrated up from Spain along the Atlantic shore after the LGM (Ice Age), and that is the majority shown in Ian Logan's chart. I suspect that mine was in a group that were somewhat further east (Mediterranean France?), and migrated up the Rhone River valley (?) to Germany, etc. Anyway, I tentatively traced my maternal line back to colonial Pennsylvania (German colonists). But who knows. I may be way off the track.

              HVR1: 16270 & 16519

              HVR2: 73G, 150T, 228A, 263G, 309.1C, 315.1C
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