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21/25 match with the same surname

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  • 21/25 match with the same surname

    In the Sasser Surname DNA project,

    six participants all have some differences, but I've
    concluded that they all share a common ancestor since
    the introduction of surnames. All participants except
    one also have a rare 20 repeats at 458 (the other has
    19 repeats). Their closest matches in and are with each other and no one else. Matches
    on 25 markers range from 21/25 to 24/25. They all
    trace their ancestry to North Carolina, but their
    paper genealogy goes back no earlier than the late
    18th century. Two participants are a 23/25 match but
    are only separated by 7 transmission events. Two
    other participants are a 36/37 match, but their common
    ancestor likely lived prior to 1775.

    If an average of 35 years per y-chromosome generation
    is assumed, then there are about 23 generations since
    1200 when many surnames were adopted. If the average
    mutation rate is assumed to be .002, then there is
    only a 6% percent chance of having a 21/25 mismatch
    within that time period (using Galbraith's MRCA

    It is a strange and wonderful world.

    Peter J. Roberts
    The Sasser Surname DNA Project