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from mcmanus the story of the irish race chapter 3

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  • Jim Denning
    melicians-cimmians,saka galatians are all keltoi

    the same Milesian decendents of Geadhal were known as keltoi they crossed the Caucasus and migrated all over europe.
    this expalins the Ashkenazi and the irish english welsh and scotish.
    my point as usual is there are disagreements on what happened
    and personally archeaology & dna are doing a good job of proving what actually happened

    even might explain my EB3 in ireland

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  • Jim Denning
    We are not Celts at all but Galicians

    from mcmanus the story of the irish race chapter 3

    YOUNGSTERS who find themselves at a loose end this weekend (May 4 to May 7) can take part in a number of special events in Erith.

    We are not Celts at all but Galicians
    September 10 2004

    Copyright © 2004 Newsquest (Herald & Times) Limited. All Rights Reserved

    CELTIC nations such as Scotland and Ireland have more in common with the
    Portuguese and Spanish than with the Celts of central Europe, according
    to a new academic report.
    Historians have long believed that the British Isles were swamped by a
    massive invasion of Iron Age Celts from central Europe around 500BC.
    However, geneticists at Trinity College in Dublin now claim that the
    Scots and Irish have more in common with the people of north-western
    Dr Daniel Bradley, genetics lecturer at Trinity College, said a new
    study into Celtic origins revealed close affinities with the people of
    He said: "It's well-known that there are cultural relations between the
    areas but now this shows there is much more. We think the links are much
    older than that of the Iron Age because it also shows affinities with
    the Basque region, which isn't a Celtic region."
    He added: "The links point towards other Celtic nations, in particular
    Scotland, but they also point to Spain."
    Historians believed the Celts, originally Indo-European, invaded the
    Atlantic islands in a massive migration 2500 years ago.
    But using DNA samples from people living in Celtic nations and other
    parts of Europe, geneticists at the university have drawn new parallels.
    Dr Bradley said it was possible migrants moved from the Iberian
    peninsula to Ireland as far back as 6000 years ago up until 3000 years
    "I don't agree with the idea of a massive Iron Age invasion that took
    over the Atlantic islands. You can regard the ocean, rather than a
    barrier, as a communication route," Dr Bradley said.
    Archaeologists have also been questioning the links between the Celts of
    eastern France and southern Germany and the people of the British Isles
    and the new research appears to prove their theories.
    The Dublin study found that people in areas traditionally known as
    Celtic, such as Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Brittany and Cornwall, had
    strong links with each other and had more in common with people from the
    Iberian peninsula.
    It also found people in Ireland have more in common with Scots than any
    other nation.
    "What we would propose is that this commonality among the Atlantic
    facade is much older, 6000 years ago or earlier," Dr Bradley added.
    There are also close links between Scotland and Ireland dating back much
    further than the plantations of the 1600s when many Scots moved to
    Northern Ireland in search of fertile farming lands, the research
    However, the researchers could not determine whether fair skin,
    freckles, red hair and fiery tempers truly are Celtic traits.
    Stephen Oppenheimer, professor of clinical socio-medical sciences at
    Oxford, said that the Celts of western Scotland, Wales, Ireland and
    Cornwall were descended from an ancient people living on the Atlantic
    coast when Britain was still attached to mainland Europe, while the
    English were more closely related to the Germanic peoples of the
    He said: "The English are the odd ones out because they are the ones
    more linked to continental Europe. The Scots, the Irish, the Welsh and
    the Cornish are all very similar in their genetic pattern to the
    The study headed by Dr Bradley was published in the American Journal of
    Human Genetics.

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  • Jim Denning
    started a topic from mcmanus the story of the irish race chapter 3

    from mcmanus the story of the irish race chapter 3

    the 16th century scholar O'FLAHERTY,fixes the Milesian invasion of Ireland at about 1000 bc- the time of Solomon.Some modern writers ,including McNeil,say they came at an even much later date. There are however ,philologists and other scientic inquirers ,who to soime extent corroberate O'Flarerty's estimate.
    It is Proven that the Celts ,whensoever they came ,had, before the dawn of history , subjicated the German People and Established themselves in Central Europe ,At about the date we have mentioned ,a great Celtic wave breaking westward over the Rhine, penetrated into England ,Scotland,and Ireland. Subsequently a wave swept over the Pyreneese into the Sanish Peninsula.Other wave came westward still later
    The studies of European scholars have shown tht these Celts were an eminetly warlike people .,rich in the arts of civilized life ,who subdued and dominated the ruder races.Wherever they went to the continent.They were posessed of" a high degree of political unity , had a single king and a wise and consistant external policy" Mostly however ,they seemed to have been a federation of patrician republics. At varios times they had allied themselves with the greeks to fight common enemies .They gave valluable service to ,and were highly reguarded by Phillip and his son Alexander .In an alliance which they made with Alexander ,before he left on his asiatic experdition ,It was by the elements they swore their fealty to the pact - just as we know they contuinue to swear in ireland, down to the comming of Christianity in the fifth century.

    They piqued Alexander's Pride by telling him they didnt fear him-- only feared Heaven.They held sway in Cenral Europe for long centuries. Aceltic cemetery discovered at Hallstatt in Upper Austria proves them to be skilled in the art and industries as far back as 900 bc ---shows them to be miners and agriculturists and blessed in the use of Iron instriments. They invaded italy twice in the 7th and in the 4thcenturies before Christ.In the latter time they were at the climax of their power.Theystromed Rome itself ,300bc
    The rising up of the oppressed Germans against them nearly 3 centruies before Christ was the beginning of the end of the Continental Power of the Celts.After that they were beaten and buffeted by Greek and Roman and all dispised races broken and blown like the surf in in all directions ,North ,South,East , and West.A fugitive colony of these people who had settled in Asia Minor ,in the territory which from them [the gaels] ws called galatia and among them paul worked,was found to be still speaking Celtic language in the days of St. Jerome ,five or six centuries later..Eion MacNeill and other scientific inquirers hold tht it wa only the fifth century before Christ that they reached Spain and thet it was not via Spain but via North Western France and Britian that they crushed out from Germany reached Ireland..In Ceasers day the Celts[Gauls] who dominated France used Greek writing in almost all their busness writing public or private
    the legendary account of the origin of the gaels and their comming to Ireland is as follows:They came first out of that vast undefinded tract called Scythia - a region which probably included all of South western Europe and adjoining portions of Asia . They came to Ireland through Eygpt ,Crete and Spain . They were called Geadhal [geal] because their remote anceastor ,in the days of Moses, was Geodhal Glas .When a child ,Moses is said to have cured himof a bite of a serpent,--- and to have promised then that no serpent or other poisonous thing should infest the happy western island that he far posterity would one day inhabit.Nuil,a grandson of Goadhal ,who had been invited as an instructor into Eygpt by one of the Pharohs married Pharohs daughter Scotia . InEygpt Nuil and his people grew rich and powerful,resented the injustice of the later pharohs were driven out of the land. and after long and varied wanderings, durring suceeding ages ,Reached Spain.,They heard of Ireland[perhaps from Phoenician traders] and took it to be the iland of destiny.Foretold them by moses,Their leader was Miled or Melesius ,whose wife was also a daughter of a pharoh names scota. Miled's uncle Ith,was first sent to ireland, to bring them a report on it. But the Tuatha De Danaan suspected the purpose of the missin and killed Ith.
    Miled having died in Spain,His eight sons with their mother Scota their families and followers,at length set out on their venturous voyage to the Isle of DestinyAnchient manuscripts preserve the Prayer that,it is said their poet,Amergin,now prayed for them"I prsy that they reach the land of Eirinn,Those who are riding upon the Great,Produtive,Vast Sea:That they be distributd oupon her vast plains,Her mountians,and her valleys,upon her forests that shed showers of nuts and all fruits ;
    it continues and should be read