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    Originally posted by Don Potter
    Mr Denning,
    Books that I have bought and read that have been helpful to me are "The Seven Daughters of Eve" by Bryan Sykes, "The Journey of Man" by Spencer Wells, "The Real Eve" by Stephen Oppenheimer, "The Great Human Diasporas" by Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza and "The History and Geography of Human Genes" by Luigi Luca Cavilli-Sforza, who is considered to be the world's foremost authority on all this. Actually I didn't read the last one cover to cover more so just used it as a reference book. Just trying to help.
    Don Potter

    What were your mtDNA results?

    THIS IS WHAT I REFERED TO JOHN for a hypothetical
    it was more then just you


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      Hi John,

      Thank you again for your assistance - I must say as a complete and utter novice to DNA, blood groups and such like, that I never realised that what I thought was a simple question would spark off such controversy !!!! Ah well, such is life...hehehe

      You have helped (and not confused me !!) and also the others - I suppose the arguments will rage !!! hey-ho !!!! I have to say that although the technical stuff goes way over my head, I am finding it fascinating !!

      Its been such an emotional 6 weeks for me and my sister in finding each other (although to the scientists and dedicated among you, Im given to understand that emotion doesn't enter into science....) although Ive known of her existance for 3 years but never thought I would find her, she knew nothing of my existance till 6 weeks ago - wow. So, after seeing the mirror image that is us and which is the same of her 4 children and my 3, there has to be a stronger genetic link than just our mother - as I said before, Dad had striking colouring which is prevailent in me and my boys, but which is also in my sisters, I hope you see where Im coming from. Its unfortunate that we do not have a brother or other male link, but I thank you all for the 'sibling' test links which I hope we can bear to fruition to confirm that not only do we have the same mother but the same father too -would be fantastic for both of us

      Many thanks all !!!!! Sue and sister Yvonne ps. Am I supposed to write emotional posts on here ???? lol


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        Originally posted by Susan R
        our mother was '0' pos, and I am too, but my sister is 'A' pos - same as my dad....

        If one parent is A+ and the other is O+ then their children can be A+ or O+, but nothing else. This is based on my wife's A & P text book.

        Good luck with your search.


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          Susan: "Many thanks all !!!!! Sue and sister Yvonne ps. Am I supposed to write emotional posts on here ???? lol"

          Personally, I appreciate your emotion. I'm sure there are others that visit here, as well as ME!!, that are learning about DNA because of discovering a lost family member, and you are right, it is very emotional. That's not a bad thing, don't you think?

          I ventured into FTDNA to discover more about our family's past and our ancestors, little did I know that I would find a possible brother/cousin that grew up in the same small town that I did, just one year older than me. We are waiting for the completion of the 37 marker test, but after meeting him, I have to think that he is stuck with us....he looks just like my father's family!

          This Thanksgiving he will have dinner with us, I'm making my grandmother's dressing and gravy, it's time he sits at a table eating our traditional foods surrounded by faces that resemble his in so many ways. We are all very excited, I hope we don't overwhelm him!!

          I hope you visit here again, I would like to hear how things are going for you and your sister, Karen


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            Originally posted by Jim Barrett

            If one parent is A+ and the other is O+ then their children can be A+ or O+, but nothing else. This is based on my wife's A & P text book.

            Good luck with your search.
            Here is a good link for anyone interested in finding out more information on
            blood groups.





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              Hi Karen

              Thank you for your message - I really hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Yes, I agree that its always good to feel emotion. The last 8 weeks since I found my sister have been the biggest emotional rollercoaster I have ever experienced - and for Yvonne too - more so for her as she didn't know I existed, at least I have known for 3 years that I had a sister somewhere out there !!!! We get on fantastically, and recently spent 4 days together which were mind-blowing - 50 years to catch up on !! The similarities between us are just incredible - not only in looks, mannerisms, likes and dislikes etc, but even down to having identical pictures on the wall, identical bed linen, wallpaper, 6 identical dresses !!!!!!!! - the list goes on and on !!! My sons are still in shock after spending 4 days having "mum in stereo" I'm travelling to her home in a couple of weeks time to meet my nephews (2) and nieces (2) and can't wait.

              Anyway, let me know how the test goes, but I am sure all will be well for you.

              Regards, Sue


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                Thanks once again to all for the info and links

                Take care, Sue