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    this was on the gen mass list tought it might be of interest and show what we are dealing with

    Subj: Re: [GM-L] "British Convicts" to "America" - 50,000 in 1700's
    Date: 9/4/2004 12:29:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

    To: [email protected]

    This posting regarding Orphan Trains reminded me of what my mother once
    related to me. An uncle of hers, in Northern Maine, "adopted" such a child.
    This is how she described the event: A group of orphans from the Boston
    area came by train and were deposited with the parish priest. Sunday
    morning, after mass, they were lined up in front of the communion rail and
    anyone who wished to provide a home for them could come up and take their
    pick. My Mom's uncle and aunt, who were childless, selected a boy of about
    8 or 9 by the name of Jim Foley. My mom could not recall the circumstances
    which led him to be orphaned, but did recall how lonely he was. The trauma
    was further magnified as this was a French speaking community, a language
    poor Jim had never heard. On one occasion, my grandfather (Mom's Dad) came
    upon Jim by the side of a brook, intently listening to ducks quacking.
    Grandpa, who could speak English, asked Jim what he was doing and his
    response was that he was hoping, by listening to the ducks, he could learn
    how to speak French! He eventually learned the language and stayed with the
    family until grown and in spite of his early childhood experiences, went on
    to become a well adjusted adult with a family of his own.....


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    There a documented website on story of Orphan Train. Billy the Kid was to have been an orphan on the orphan train also.