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What brought T1b from its "home" Syria North through the Balkans to South Russia

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  • What brought T1b from its "home" Syria North through the Balkans to South Russia

    to England and from there to a tiny island in the Atlantic, Spanish Wells, Bahamas?

    Any ideas?

    I should say some have offered a reasonable case for the relation between T1 and the Vikings. I was almost satisfied when I read that T1b, unlike some other groups is almost exclusively centered in the Eastern Mediterranean through Southern Russia. It may be the two thoughts are still compatible, but, being very insecure in this newly experienced world of genetic genealogy I must ask again.

    The family histories on the island are interrelated and have been for almost 400 years. Most of those who came shipped in from the South West of England. But when I have looked up T1b all I find says that T1b is almost exclusively centered in the Eastern Mediterranean, although it reaches north into southern Russia.

    There is no oral tradition in the family that mentions such places as Syria, Greece, Croatia, Slovakia, the Ukraine, or Russia. There is no paper trail of which I am aware leading past the South West England in the period from the first voyage in or around 1638 through the voyages of refugees from the American Revolution in the late 18th century. There are oral traditions concerning the Stuarts, a "lost" Stuart Princess, three Stuart lines, etc. There are also documented families of pirates.

    The families are all so intertwined that it is a very complex process sorting them. The administrator of the Bahamas Project is doing an admirable job at that. However, I am sitting here doing a mental "tilt" sign in neon green because of the associations in the literature. Any help from a person knowledgeable in the subject of T1b, particularly as it pertains to T1b's relationship to Russia, the Balkans, Syria, etc. would be greatly appreciated and valued.

    I have also raised these sorts of issues with the project Administrator and not meaning to side step anybody. It is just kindasorta the burning issue of the moment with me.

    Thanks all in advance.

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    Don't forget to post your mutations- that may get Valery's and others attention/interst.


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      oops, left something off

      HVR1: 16126C, 16163G, 16189C, 16243C, 16294T, 16519C
      I am planning on ordering further mtDNA testing shortly

      Y-haplogroup S29/U198