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  • Y Haplo H update

    For anyone who maybe interested. Back in April 2008, Bennett Greenspan agreed to create the new Deep Clade SNP test for Y Haplo H on a trial basis.

    I believe 15 men volenteered to pay in advance to have this new test created. Today our test results were posted!

    Quite a few who were previously listed as Haplo H, are now in H1 or H1a.
    Some remained in H.

    I think the most interesting aspect of this upgrade, was the fact that the British Romany descendants who are involved in the project, were all moved to H1a. I was previously SNP tested and confirmed H, but the new Deep Clade SNP test has moved me to H1a.
    I think that has great meaning that all the Roms involved, were all placed in H1a. Exactly what that means I don't know yet, but I was happy to see it happen exactly like I thought it would.

    Now only a small hand full of men from India and 1 from Pakistan continue to match the Romany because they were also moved to H1a like the Roms.
    The remaining Indians stayed in H or H1. And that little piece of information also has to have some meaning.

    I am now hoping the remaining participants who were moved over to H1a will help explain their cultural / tribal histories with me to see if their histories may help explain the Romany migration to Europe.
    The Deep Clade SNP test is now availabe to the public!
    So if you are in Y Haplo H*, you now have the option to order the Deep Clade SNP test. This was a fantastic jump in our knowledge today, but exactly what it means we can't be sure yet.
    But it obviously singled out the Roms and certain men of India and Pakistan, and for me that has to have some meaning.