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6 new autosomal STR's from FTDNA

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    As per article cited, the D9 STR is located on Chr 9 within a block also defined by SNP's. As 23andMe sequences SNP's and paints the chromosomes the SNP block that includes D9 ought to exhibit the same ancestry as the STR evidences. A 9-repeat STR at D9 is NA and any other repeat within the SNP block on Chr 9 is NA if the SNP block is NA.

    Although DeCodeMe does not paint the chromosomes, with some effort one can identify the area of Chr 9 that contains the STR and compare DeCode SNP's to HGDP-CEPH database for indications of ancestry at that SNP block on Chr 9.

    Neither of the scanners offer NA as an ancestry definition, East Asian is the closest analog, but HGDP-CEPH does have a couple NA populations.
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