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Ethnic Identity --- philisophical question

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    Originally posted by darroll
    What the "H" is wrong with stating your mind.
    I don't like Some of the lazy Irish even though my grandmother was from Ireland.
    Other people noticed this in the new world with their signs
    "No Blacks or Irish".
    I personally enjoy a slagfest among friends from time to time. But it has to be in the right context, with people who know where I'm coming from and who can handle it.

    Problem with that talk on a forum is that this isn't a pub and these people don't always have visual cues like your expression or gestures and can't see directly whom you're addressing or hear your tone of voice.

    So it's very easy to make a comment, in a written forum like this, and be completely misunderstood.

    Of course, there are
    certain readers who really seem to go out of their way to misunderstand a fella. I don't mind insulting those guys.

    But Burto is NOT one of them. He has given every indication of being a regular, stand-up guy. It would be bad luck for me to even seem to insult people I respect.

    Of course, I'm more than happy to seem to insult people I don't respect.

    So, in this case my apology is not about the Kumbaya, but about respecting decent people.