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Off-ladder stutter?

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  • Off-ladder stutter?

    Has anyone out there ever heard of a stutter peak appearing at an off-ladder location? I'm not pretending to be an expert here, but I think I'm seeing something unusual.

    I'm looking at an electropherogram for DYS392 which shows a fine, clear peak, and two stutters. Stutter 'A' is about 1 repeat less than the main peak --- nothing unusual there, I think. But I also see another peak, Stutter B, about 2 1/2 repeats less than the main peak.

    I think that is considered unusual, to have an off-ladder stutter peak. I think that the relative heights of Stutter A and Stutter B may also be unusual. I believe that it is normal for stutters to become progressively LARGER as they move to the right, closer to the main peak. However, Stutter B is approx. 270RFU and Stutter A is about 180RFU.

    Any comments?

    Thanks, and have a good one.