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    Originally posted by PDHOTLEN
    Finno-Ugrian, strictly speaking, is a language grouping; not DNA-based. On maps, the Finn portion is west of the Ural Mountains; while the Ugrian component is on the east side of the mountains. The Magyar came from the east side. Saami is placed with the Finnish component, but as a separate sub-component.

    I don't know anything about the female lineages of the region. What interests me is the male classifications, since I'm in there somewhere. It looks like "N" is hard core Finnish. R1a1 is associated with them in Russia. I don'tknow what the main Y-DNA is from the Ugrians (Magyars), but Hungary has a rather high percentage of R1a1, according to a pie chart graph.

    R1a1 & U5b2
    I'm guessing you're talking about my signature that says 'Finno-Ugrian'. That is my current top 'world region' match, from my last DNATribes autosomal report.

    Thanks for the info on ydna PDHOLTEN.
    I don't know much about ydna because I'm female and it's not what I'm interested in. I did know that 'R1a' was mostly Eastern European and I thought that that is most likely what my fathers ydna would be. Could also be 'I...something' because someone with the same surname in a nearby town had that. The direct paternal line is slavic (Czech), but I did find that the original surname is a word in the Urdu language, so maybe the ydna is from further east (not East Asian though).

    Happy Birthday PDHOLTEN
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