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Not as confused as before, but many more questions.

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  • Not as confused as before, but many more questions.

    Hello all, hope everyone is doing great. I have not posted a question in a while, but I come on often to hear other peoples stories and results.
    I finally (a month and a half ago) got my DNA print results back and found that I was approximately 1/3 SA, IE,NA. I sort of expected this. IN fact according to our family oral traditions, my grandmothers grandmother was full Indian. Although in our family we have always known of our Native ancestry, the results were a bit surprising because we did not expect the Native part to be so high (32 %).
    This seems to match our oral history, but im wondering if the new DNA print being offered will affect these results and reveal more NA, SA or IE.
    Has anyone taken the new test? Do the test results differ form the original 2.0 test? I am upgrading to the new test soon.
    Thanks in advance.