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    This query is entirely hypothetical . If family genealogical research places my last known ancestors in South East England and my revised haplogroup is R1b1b2 (formerly R1b1c* undefined beyond +M269) coupled with my family surname being an "Old English" typical name common to the south east English coast . My maps shows related ancestor matches clustering in the Belgian region of continental Europe but with quite a few Germanic matches showing . Should I consider myself as 1. Doggerland Man whose tribe(s) retreated inshore on both the English coast and the opposing continental coastline as sea level rose with melting ice , thereby forming related peoples on both sides of the English channel ? (2) Anglo-saxon invader ? (3) Danish Viking or Norman French ? (4) Belgae tribesman ?. Can I focus on my 37 marker result and draw a more concrete conclusion say 'definitely Belgae tribesman who entered Britain c.100 B.C. and became an Insular Belgic Briton over say Danish Viking ? Any advice !