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DNA tests reveal mystery surrounding playwright Schiller

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  • DNA tests reveal mystery surrounding playwright Schiller

    DNA tests reveal mystery surrounding playwright Schiller

    Who is buried in Friedrich Schiller's tomb? Several people, apparently, but none of them the famous poet and playwright, according to new research.

    After two years of painstaking DNA research, experts have determined that none of the remains billed as those of Schiller belong to the German writer, who died in Weimar in 1805, Germany's MDR television reported. The study, dubbed the Friedrich-Schiller Code, was undertaken by the television station, the Foundation of Weimar Classics and an international team of scientists.

    "Two years ago I was certain that we would prove that it was him; now we have proved the opposite," said foundation president Hellmut Seemann, whose organization oversees the Schiller archives and exhibitions. He spoke on an MDR documentary about the study that was broadcast Saturday night, before of the official release of the results on Monday.

    "But the most important thing is, and I said it at the time: We should have no fear of wanting to know what we can about the Schiller remains," he added. "And I am now happy that it is a clear result."

    The DNA results add another chapter to a mystery that dates back to 1826, just 21 years after Schiller died, when it was decided that he needed a new resting place.

    Schiller's remains had been interred in a mausoleum in Weimar's Jacobs cemetery that the state kept for distinguished citizens. But the remains were mixed with others, and when a total of 23 skulls were found, the city's mayor, Carl Leberecht Schwabe

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    Part 2 of story regarding Schiller.

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      Part II

      I don't know why it won't post, you can read the article here: