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    Wow! Free medical genetic testing? There must be a catch.
    I'll read the rest of what's on the website.
    I do wonder if what my paternal grandmother had is genetic. And also my other grandparents.


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      The Q&A they have doesn't really satisfy me.
      At the bottom of the geneview page it says it is from flexscan, and I googled flexscan and it is a company that just changed it's name to Aperture Health, Inc.


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        Sounds nice-but is it?

        Sounds good-sounds too damd good.This would be supercool -ideal if it's effective and real. It's so good it's unAmerican. I'd try it, but what if it's a scam and then some weirdos got my genes and my address and my phone number ? I'd like to see a sample of an anonymous person who got results from this coporation. And I like to know how many people got "normal treatment" by this place.


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          I'm signed ON.......

          I signed up about three weeks ago .I hope to be getting my medical DNA test one of these days.But I don't know what they'll be testing for.the site seems to be for old folks-I too young to have strokes,heart attacks and bypasses.
          I was hoping they'd test for elusive and rare conditions that certain ethnic groups get that slip under the radar during most medical exams,stuff like that


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            Well, I read the articles and filled out their questions, and ordered the test. Now, after I take it, and the mega from ftdna, We'll see. They don't tell you who does the testing though , or how long it might take to even get the test swab to begin with, or how long to wait to expect results.
            Has anyone else tried these people?


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              I suppose they are using the Illumina 1M Beadchip.