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  • Micronesians

    Which ethnic classification are Micronesians? I was skimming the encyclopedia and saw an article on the Marshall Islands in the Pacific somewhere;there it states the term "micronesia' means "small islands".The people on the island are called by the same name, but what is their actual ethnicity?
    They look to be Indochinese,which is like Cambodian or Indonesian,but the article isn't detailed ,to explain all that.
    Does anybody know,what Micronesian folk are?
    Am I closely related to Any? Not likely - I was just interested.


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    the issue is actually attracting some attention in recent scientific articles, as the situation is not too clear yet. Melanesia (that is Papua new guinea and nearby island) have been living in isolation for a long time and so, like aboriginal Australian, harbor some deep haplogroups (Y chromosome C, M, and other K derived ones that are not found outside Melanesia). Their languages are also peculiar.

    Polynesia and Micronesia instead speak languages that are related to those now spoken by aboriginal Taiwanese (that is, not the Chinese). However, the scientific debate is still open on whether genetically they also originate in Taiwan/Asia, or rather they originated from Melanesia (slow boat theory, meaning that from Melanesia they slowly colonized the other isles, rather than a quick exodus out of Taiwan). It seems different papers find different results (that is, percentages of Y chromosome O, and Asian mtdna haplogroups), and the situation may as well be different between Y and mtdna.