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  • 37 Marker Results

    Thank You FTDNA.

    The 37 Marker Results provide the "unique" signature precision that solves the "Matches with Other Surnames" dilema.

    Bill McCeney

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    Re: 37 Marker Results - question

    I've just ordered the 37 marker upgrade (from 25). I've got several 23/25 and 24/25 matches with members of another surname study whose ancestors lived in close proximity, and in several instances intermarried, with Arnolds I believe to be related to my Arnolds. A participant from the other surname study has just ordered the 37 marker upgrade as well. My question concerns how many matches on the 12 new markers would cause us to rule out or rule in a relationship? Or, if anyone from FTDNA reads this, what is the mean number of matches between unrelated individuals on markers 26-37? Thanks,
    Rick Arnold
    Orlando, FL